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bless the followers who tolerate your 95% fandom posts that aren’t even their fandom

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This pretty much sums up why those three are my favourite human beings on Earth.


There are like all these cool friend groups on here

and then there’s me


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people who make you feel bad for liking what you like are the worst kinds of people

Unless you like child porn. Then you’re a miserable shit who should be skinned alive.

Estamos tan faltos de cariño que cuando alguien nos trata bien, no sabemos cómo reaccionar.

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Little Literature


Harry Potter Miniature Book Bracelet by Little Literature (feat. the new edition covers from Scholastic)


Ultimate Harry Potter Miniature Book Set by Little Literature

Mis pensamientos son estrellas con las que no puedo formar constelaciones…
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do you ever wash your face with cold water and feel like your life has changed dramatically

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